The Great Plague: “Ring-A-Ring Of Roses”

without a doubt, the biggest tragedy ever to hit europe, more than any war where the man went against human … it was a war where people fought the enemy, he is not seen or understood.

some people accuse him of their cattle, others believed that the “effluvium” infected air, which sailed around the … some said that the wrath of angry god against sin. they did not know. what actually happened, was that sales people came from china on board their ships were rats and, of course, been a flea … the flea has been different, though, these flea were the wand, it only takes 7: 56 sticks to kill the rats, the flea can transmit up to 24,000 in one bite. merchants arrived to italy and started a war.

it is estimated that more than a third of europe’s population died in 1300. so many people fall victim to them, invisible enemy. many years later in 1665, london became a large and prosperous city, the population of potro?losa in the last five years; housing was crowded and there was no where to throw away garbage and waste of human life, the only place to throw such things was the street that makes a perfect life and breeding conditions for rat; rats that brings many fleas that sticks.

people began to die from the plague and those who had the right kind of money fleeing infected the town and moved in a country where it was much less chance of getting the disease. there was a children’s rhyme, who described the symptoms and beliefs of the people at the time. pretty dirty thing to educate their children.

“ring-a ring betsy johnson of roses
pocket posies ”
attischo, attischo,
we all fell. ”

roses described big red swelling of the lymph nodes, buketikami refer to the fact that many people believe that there is a large cloud mazmv, contaminated air, that would make you sick if you breathed it in; buketikami had a nice smell, which was to hold a tainted with air away. before his death, the person will feel strong coughing fit and then moved to the death to claim his sacrifice.many people were too weak to get to the parts of a cough, and they were much faster and more merciful death.

it was the poor people of london, who most suffered from the plague, probably due to the fact that living conditions were ideal for the population of rats in these areas.

people who were victims of plague were locked in their homes with the whole of their families; the door would have gotten a large red cross painted on it to tell everyone what happened shows that the place was infected. gvardjskih were placed on the doors of these houses, to make sure that no one is coming out of the house, until the appropriate amount of time has passed.

the family had enough money to pay it “nurse” come to the house and bring food, though there are reports about these so called nurses theft over the entire world. there were really no skilled doctors and nurses in london at the time, because all left the city in an attempt to avoid death. doctors and nurses serving people were no more than the people hired to do the work that they were not qualified, and that they in no way to win.

it went on and on all that in 1665, until it’s winter and brought some relief, because rats are much harder to survive in the winter, in summer time, the disease is not fully taken care of until the great fire of london, which swept through a poor part of town and also dirt and grime … in london, the streets were broad and there were more air space … the fight was fought and the war was won, the people have won a battle against an unseen enemy. god is not pouring his anger on the people of england, and they can live in peace and happiness.