Temporary Tattoos that Last a Long Time

today everyone wants to ink their skin with bizarre photographs or personalized sayings. this trend, in particular, is quite popular among young people. for them it’s the thing to get a tattoo on his body and groove with the hip hop culture, which they portrayed. as the name suggests, the temporary tattoos-permanent temporary lower back tattoos or pictures that appeared on the skin simulating the original tattoo. temporary tattoo fashion rage currently. they can help you decide whether any design for tattoos for your skin for a long period or not! when people decide to ink their bodies with design, especially if it is a permanent design, they wanted to select the best projects that they live with him forever. when people go to the temporary design the only thing that they are not sure how the whole process takes place and whether there are temporary tattoos that last for a long time? well, there are many high quality temporary tattoo, which is available in vivid colors that really give the real appearance of the original tattoo and that too without ever signed. all you need to do is apply it to the skin thoroughly. temporary tattoos can last for several days to a month.

how to make a temporary tattoo last longer?

if you’re a teenager, and your parents did not approve of you to do the tattoo done, do not be afraid. you can easily try out a temporary tattoo, and thus you won’t give a chance to their parents to freak out at you. temporary tattoos are designed to last for a short time, but with special care and maintenance, you can do the tattoo last longer if you want! there are different types of temporary tattoos, henna tattoos-stick on tattoos and airbrush tattoo. this temporary tattoos that can last for about two weeks to over 6 months.

a place for ink!
select an area on your body where you want your tattoo ink.wash the area with warm water and soap. in addition, scrub gently across the square and use cloth for washing utensils to clean all dirt and omertvev?ie cells of the skin around the area. dry with a towel.

apply a tattoo!
now, when the area in which you want to get a tattoo done clean and dry, get a temporary tattoo and apply it to this area carefully. refer to the manufacturer’s instructions that correctly apply tattoos.

give it time and dry!
once the temporary tattoo was applied to the area, it is very important to give ink some time to dry, or you can just spoil it before you can even see it. try not to touch the area with the hands as thoroughly dried. in addition, do not use water or lotions in that area. leave the field uncovered until it dried up completely.

keeping up!
after all, the tattoo has dried up, the next step is to use makeup brush or soft brush child sprinkle baby powder or baby powder on the surface of the tattoo.

tip: note the use of talcum powder coat at least once daily, so that the effect of the temporary tattoo remains unchanged.

which should be avoided?
well, there is a list of to do and what not, that should follow these semi-permanent tattoos. so far, rubbing, scrubbing or rubbing should be strictly avoided. make sure you pay attention to this during a bath too! although temporary tattoos are watertight, but rubbing or touching the area with your hands often will simply vanish design you have created all your interests. therefore, avoid doing such things, as well as to ensure that you do not apply soap, oils or lotions on the territory of or near the temporary tattoo.

thus, these methods of obtaining temporary tattoos that last for a long time.all you need to do is use a simple household as talcum powder and baby brushes to maintain your tattoo. you can learn more about how to make temporary tattoos. i hope you enjoyed reading this article on temporary tattoos and are now ready to try this easy way to get yourself signed!