Fingernail Problems

most of us tend to ignore our nails and consider them little importance he granted. we do not make the effort to take care of our nails, as we do for our face and hair and other body parts. such ignorance about nail care can lead to more than 50 different types of nail growth problems and problems of the health of nails. these problems can also occur as a result of disease or even can be a sign of a serious underlying disease. some nail problems can be easy and can be cured with some care and self-help methods, while some of them can be very severe, and may also need the medication. let’s look at the causes of nail problems.

what causes nail problems?

the most common and easy to nail the problem occurs because of a lack of proper care, cleanliness and hygiene of nails. the lack of adequate nutrition is another important reason for the development of nail problems. other causes of nail problems include certain diseases like anemia, heart disease, lung disease, arthritis, rheumatism and trauma or injury ngtovogo bed or on the skin around the nail through the habit of nail-biting or chronic collection also causes nail problems. listed below are some of the problems of the finger nail.

the general problem of nails

fungal nail infection (onhomkoz): this type of fungal nail infections caused by different fungi and yeast. nail fungal infections account for almost half of all nail abnormalities.

bacterial infections of the nails (paronha): this is the nail infection is characterized by inflammation of the skin around the ngtovogo channel, known as the proksimalna of the nail fold. the inflammation may be acute or chronic nature. the root cause of this is over and a prolonged exposure to moisture.

because the line: the state of the nail are characterized by depression, mostly horizontal, ngtovu plate. these depressions are parallel to the lunula and occurs because of an injury or illness, through which the violation occurs in the synthesis of keratin. depression tend to disappear as the nail grows.

melanonychia: a nail condition which is characterized by the vertical lines that are often pigmented. this dark pigmentation, also known as nail-, dogscarers and in need of treatment to heal them completely.

psoriasis is a common skin diseases and can affect the nails as well. it is characterized by rough, luskato? and dry nails through which nails are vd?eplenna from the ngtovogo channel.

fragile nails: it can probably be the most common problem is characterized by nail, made and flaking nails and separating layers of ngtovo? plates. this is because of the depletion of natural oils and moisture of ngtovogo channel and ngtovo? plates. the nails are through the use of household cleaning products, hard soap and shampoo.

pterygium: this nail problem characterized by promotion of skin around the nail towards the inside of the nails. this status requires immediate medical attention and treatment.

gerpeti?na utlou: also known as a finger or hand herpes cold sores, it is a nail condition occurs because of a viral infection and can cause a certain amount of pain. for it is characterized by pain and blisters around the nails on the fingers and can be recurring in nature. it is also very contagious condition and can spread to other parts of the body.

ranges: it is also very popular nail problems, is characterized by the formation of vertical lines on the ngtovu plate, through the loss of natural oils or lack of moisture.

white spots (leuconychia): this is decals nail halloween can be observed by most of us. this condition occurs because of some puhircv air that may fall under the ngtovo? plates. this may indicate a lack of iron, anemia and hodgkin’s disease.

since the nails of the major diseases, as well as your overall health and well being, they should be the subject of concerns well. follow the routine care of fingernails, clean nails and keep them dry. manicure can help keep health and fingernail can prevent various problems of the finger nail.