Old School Temporary Tattoo

when most people think about older designs of tattoos of the school they think of sailor jerry. sailor jerry believes that he is the grandfather of the old school tattoos and jerry was regarded as a classic. he was a former sailor who was as salty as the style of the tattoo and had a sharp intellect dagger that could be size of a person or a situation of a fraction of a second. he also created a style of tattoo of the old school which is still being copied in today. after jerry he ended his career in the 1920s, he decided to settle on the island of oahu in the hawaiian islands chain.

download award winning designsthis tattoo was a good decision for him, because once he began the second world war, there were millions of sailors and marines stomping around the island. and all this military personnel served as fodder to establish its new hall of tattoos. during the next four years, sailor jerry created fake tattoos sailor old school in a myriad of marines and sailors, at the same time perfecting his art. its old-style tattoo of school use thick lines which had serious sensitivities on the color and shading. these tattoos would become the standard for the old-school modern tattoos tattoos. sailor jerry s legacy is still alive today.