Instructions to Make a Bottle Cap Necklace

everyone at right and left is obsessed with going green and wonder how you can do your bit? well, what about the small start? save the lids of glass, and use them to make sports and cold, pretty, beautiful necklaces and funky. we will see how to make glass necklaces in a cover detailed step by step process. let’s get right down to some work fun …

things you will need
bottle caps, how many do you think you’ll need, depending on the type of necklace you are planning to do.
acrylic paints
resin/diamond glaze
pliers and a hole punch
glitter sheets/collage for lids of bottles/pictures to stick on the inside of the lid/charms, etc.
chain/topic for necklace
rubber sheet
candle/heat gun
gloves, newspapers
hammer (to flatten teeth caps)
instructions for making the necklace

removing the seal adhesive
there is a chance that you purchase have ceilings seal glue on them, so before you try to start decorating these lids, make sure to remove this seal glue. this can be achieved through the use of weapon or candle. hold the cover with the tongs, the candle flame for a few seconds to seal the adhesive comes loose and then pull it now covers are ready for use.

decorate caps
this is the best part. you can let your creativity flow and decorate the covers as you want. i’ll give you a few ideas to get kick started, and you can take it from there.
you can fill up at the edge of the lid with clay, and cover the area with glitter, and then press your charm. in the clay before it hardens.

on a piece of paper, cut into a circle to fit inside the lid, you can write your name, a quote, or what ever else, please, in your favorite font and stick the paper inside the lid with adhesive or glue. you can print either in things, or write it in your hand if you enjoy calligraphy. also, if you want, you can add designs around the tender/name, to make it look nice.
if you want to customize the necklace without words, the images are the perfect way to do this. take your printed small photo-with your friends, your family, yourself, or your partner/spouse. follow the same procedure as above, and you have your personalized necklace.
using acrylic and make pretty patterns on each side of the lid. paint to dry properly. you can paint anything you wish? people, characters, cartoons, flowers, animals, and so on …
simply paint with a color cover and leave it at that. insiruirea covers alternative colours together will give you a very simple and beautiful necklace.
punching holes, adding jumpers, flattening teeth caps
this is the easy part. just place a sheet of rubber over the teeth and knocked lightly with hammer until the teeth have flattened out. do not put too much pressure or you will end up flattening the whole cover. after you have placed in you. image, design, supply, etc., hold it right side up, and at the top of the lid, punch a hole through it to jumperul. this is if you are planning to close a single cap for your necklace. if you are planning to string together then fitted, punch a hole on each side for stringing them horizontally, and at the top and bottom to insiruirea their vertically-and then put into jumpers.jumpers must be carefully rounded and squeezed closed properly with the help of the thread, so that the elect. hold., or chain necklace does not slip.

application of resin/diamond glaze
resin/glaze will be necessary to apply a layer over the paper, so it remains and is not ruined. apply a thin layer of resin/coating, and make sure that the application does not look cocoloase. you will need to read the operating instructions for this step, because if you mix the wrong amounts, coverage will not be clear, and it can block and ruin the picture or words. after preparing the mixture, pour into the lid until the lid is nearly full. since the thickness of the cap is hard, it will not be a very thick coat. make sure that they do not overflow, otherwise the lid will stick in the same place and it will be difficult to get off. use sticks to mix resin/coating, and work on a newspaper spread, in the event of leakage. wear gloves to protect his hands.

drying resin/glaze
resin/glaze will get a good amount of time to dry, so that this can be frustrating, but if you want to dry properly covers, let them the best for a day in the sun. it seems like a lot of time, i know, but try to mobilise all patience, because if you tap to check if it has dried, then there is a chance that you will receive with your finger prints all over the resin/coating, and which means, you have to start over. yes! because the process of scraping resin will not be successful and you will end up ripping apart paper/photo/glitter and clay as well. so, let them dry out and harden for a day.

insiruirea chain/topic
this is where you can be truly innovative and, depending on the look you want, you can string chain (s)/thread (s) accordingly. here are a few things you can try:
the covers bend in half, and the chain of string/yarn through it.make a few strings in the same way, and then connect the ends of strings together, so that you will have a necklace, a necklace ?treangul!
other three caps to ensure in a triangle, and weaves through them in chains so that the triangle is instead. weave two or more chains between each of caps loosely so that the perfect is seen.
the string of a couple of caps on vertical, and then divide the thread, so you necklace in the shape of a “y”.
similarly, you can make also two simple “u” shape and tie ends together so that you will have a series of two necklace.
macrame knots to try single-strand necklace, as they look very nice!
try the various arrangements and experiment with caps to get unique and funky necklaces. you can do even cover glass fashion necklace with magnets. the whole process remains the same, with the only difference being that once you set the thread/chain by magnet, you simply set the bottle over it and it will remain. there is no need to holes in the lid. and if you’re wondering how to make hit necklaces bottle cap for kids, don’t worry. pretty flowers, their names, favorite cartoon characters, etc., certainly will not go wrong. ask what kind of design and who wish to involve too, so all you can have fun and pool in your creative ideas.

the next time you try this activity plictise?ti, fun, and you will end up using time effectively and adding to your jewelry sets collection. now that you know how to make necklaces glass lid, have fun, and be as creative as you can! do you like how it looks when you sport!