Cartilage Earrings

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Over the past few years, the world has been the emergence of a new trend with the introduction of different types of piercings. If earlier, mo?ku ear was the only place that most commonly pierced today, piercing has a whole new meaning with the advent of the new party piercings including cartilage, navel, nose, cheeks, etc among these different types of piercings, ear piercing is the most common. However, ear piercing is not limited to the earlobes, and has become a fashion statement of the ear cartilage pierced. Cartilage can be explained as the region above the ear, thicker than the earlobes. As there is no blood supply in this part of the ear, the likelihood of higher in cartilage piercing. One cause infection piercing cartilage earrings is wrong type. Therefore, it is important to know about cartilage earrings, if you are interested in getting your cartilage piercing. However, before I go into detail about cartilage earrings, let us gather more information about cartilage piercing in General.Cartilage piercing informationThere are a number of cartilage piercing, that you can select. Some of the popular cartilage piercings, conch, kozelka include daith, Helix, Rook, protivokozelok, comfortable, sinks, and industrial piercings. All of these piercings done with piercing needles and never with a gun shot. This is because the cartilage is very thick and equipment only piercing gun piercing ear lobes. In addition, the same equipment is used for all, the risk of infection is also higher. After the piercing is done, it is important to take postoperative so that it heals properly. It will take approximately 8-12 months for the cartilage piercings to heal completely, and during this time, it is essential to take additional measures to ensure the safe and rapid healing. For this purpose it is necessary to follow postoperative instructions piercing expert carefully.Cartilage EarringsAs I said earlier, one of the most important factors that should be borne in mind for proper healing cartilage jewelry.Although there are a lot of cartilage earrings, available on the market, it is important to choose the right during the piercing. Cartilage earrings that selects during piercing should be of gold, surgical stainless steel or silver. Kidnapping sterling silver rings best cartilage earrings, which must be worn during the healing period, as they provide a space for a person to clean unique jewelry properly and leads to better treatment. However, if you do not find them comfortable, but perfectly usable studs, but make sure they are not too tight.Cartilage earrings, when piercing is done should not be removed before she completely. If you have to remove the piercing for any reason, never do it on your own. Most likely, you have to go to pirsingu to get the earrings have been removed. In addition, when you removed the earrings, make sure you wear without much delay, as with piercing open for long periods of time can cause the piercing to close quickly.However, when the cartilage piercing she completely, you can choose from the variety of cartilage earrings for men and women. The cartilage earrings are available in a variety of metals, including surgical steal, white gold, silver, titanium, etc after healing is complete, you can also choose cheap cartilage earrings, but only if you don’t have allergies to the jewelry. Although the hoops are best for piercing the ear lobes, there are many small cartilage hoop earrings to choose from. Hoop earrings best suited for rooks, daith piercing and spirals. Cartilage earrings studs are the following options like different types of spikes with embedded precious and semi-precious stones that are available on the market. If you’ve done the piercing industry, you have many options for earrings in the form of a simple rod, curved or twisted rods, as well as those with beads and stones on them.In addition, earrings, as circular rods, cuffs, captive beads look good on all kinds of piercing your ear cartilage.I hope this information about cartilage earrings is useful for you to choose the perfect decorations for yourself. After cartilage piercing will live fully, to experiment with different types of earrings and select those that look best on you.