Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

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Engagement and diamonds are inseparable. Diamonds are rare, and so is true love. Giving something valuable to someone even more valuable is one of the best gifts ever. This is where engagement ring step in. most women going in for diamond engagement rings. And even within the diamond ring circuit, there is a new and rapidly emerging competitor, the pear shaped engagement rings! Yes, these fashion ring are completely unique in style and look, whether they are antique pear shaped engagement rings or the more modern pear shaped engagement ring with baguettes, they’re gorgeous in all forms. Read more about these rings. They are simply irresistible.What is pear shaped Engagement Rings?Let’s start from the beginning. What is essentially a pear shaped engagement ring? As you might have already guessed, there is a ring that has a pear shaped diamond set in it. This operation is called by various names such as marquise, teardrop or combination of oval and round. The most famous pear shaped engagement ring was perhaps the one that Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor, which was sold for an amazing $ 3,000 1,000,000! The distinct shape of this ring is what makes it a favorite among celebrities as well. It is said that this particular style from the ring was invented in Belgium, at 15. during the 15th century. The brilliant creator of this ring was Lodewyk van Berquem. Since when do women adorned their fingers with this fabulous ring.Many women wonder about which way to wear this ring, because of its shape. Either the conical end to turn against the body or away from the body. Well, here’s the answer. Because it has such a distinct form varies according to the method of carrying it all the way to the woman Wearing it uses. points away from the body does definitely finger looks longer and slimmer, while wearing the body can make it seem closer to the heart. The best thing about this process is that you can wear it with a pair of glittering diamond earrings also.It can match almost all diamond jewelry accessories and look great with formal and informal women’s clothes!How to buy a pear shaped engagement ringBuying an engagement ring should always be done with greatest care. And what a pear shaped ring, even more. There are certain specs needed for a pear shaped diamond, to be taken care of, to get the perfect precious pear shaped gemstone. These specifications are listed below.The bulb the stone should have 58 individual aspects/facets.The bottom of the “bulb” should have a clear arc to it. Some jewellers work around this to increase the carat count. Make your bow!The most appropriate ratio of width to length of the diamond is on an average, somewhere between, 1.50 to 1.70.All sides of the diamond to be symmetric. You can judge this yourself by just looking at it.When you look at the stone, from every angle, if you see the formation of a gr?sort tversoversl?yfe effect on the Center, ask your jeweler to cut the stone a little more, in order to reduce this effect.Another precaution is to be taken, the point of the bulb should be sharp. However, it should be duly collapsed in a V-shaped point to protect the stone and carrier.Most kabaler are set with 3 prongs, but due to their pear shape, this ring should ideally have 6 prongs. Gold and Platinum are the best bases for improving its stunning beauty and Swank.Most women will go for pear shaped engagement rings with side stones, but I think giving pear shaped engagement rings with Pave diamonds for a more stylish look. Another question to answer is how and what kind of wedding bands for pear shaped engagement rings is the best option? Well, you can go for a simple band of gold or Platinum for your wedding. Wearing the wedding ring first and then the engagement ring. This keeps the wedding ring closer to your heart. And finally, a good idea is to go in for an engagement ring insurance. So it’s almost everything you need to know about these rings. I’m guessing you’re almost halfway out the door now! Sparkle away!